Using our school timetable software, our school timetable was auto generated in 42 seconds!”



No Screen Shots Here?

Why you wont find screenshots here?

You know the feeling, the picture looks great but when you try it out for real - it is a whole different ball game. It reminds me of a fancy motor car I liked from a brochure. When I climbed into one for a test drive, my head touched the inside of the roof.


During my development of School Timetable over the past 15 years I have seen too many screenshots to get excited any more.

Remember the Windows 95 and XP screenshots? Did they give us any indication how often we would have to run Tuesday patch sessions to keep our computers operating and safe from hackers.

Did Microsoft show us their most famous screenshot of all time - The Blue Screen of Death.

Our Motto is - See if Superschool timetabler is the RIGHT SOLUTION for you. Take the School Timetable Management Evaluation Program - Risk Free! 

Bottom line look at:

    RESULTS - and how you got them. In other words TTS - Time To Solution. How long did it take you to go from school timetable preparation and planning to printing and distribution.

    Then look at:

    • ATOC - Annual Total Cost of Ownership
    • ATR - Annual Time Required to create and maintain your school timetable for the full academic year.
    • VAAI - Value Add Against Investment ratio.

Yip, we thought you would agree that looking at the different school timetable ATOC, TTS and ATR are more important and impressive than looking at meaningless screenshots.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

We believe that actions speak louder than words.

Would you rather have a picture of 100,000 dollars or the actual dollars themselves?

Stupid question right?

Would you rather have a nice screenshot or see your school timetable built to perfection in less than 54 seconds?


Again a stupid question

Take me Free school timetable download

No screenshots for me I want to take the School Timetable Difficulty Index analysis and then get a fully functionally School Timetable Management Evaluation Program copy of the program to test live on my school data.

Show me my School Timetable Difficulty Index analysis to benchmark


Easy School Timetable software


Full automated means just that.

No more manual completing your school timetable!

No more school timetable

Clash Smasher technology is the engine.


Find out how is would work for your school timetable. Get your Shedule Analysed Online.

The Clash-Smasher Secret is out the bag and YOU are one of the 1st to Know!

Read what this man says about the Hero who slayed these 3 notorious school bullies!

It all started with a math teacher

That you choose to use your learning and talents to enrich the education field is personally deeply gratifying. 

I remember well being your maths teacher during your final year of high school.

It was a big surprise to see what you had accomplished in the 6 years since you finished high school. As school principal, it made me happy that my ex-student had the best school timetable software from all the packages that we looked at.

Your timetable software is tremendous. Besides being lightening fast it gives my teachers the one thing that is the most scarce – TIME. It is marvellous how using maths over the traditional ways of creating timetables can create the perfect timetable” in just one or two periods. 

Never before have the timetables I had to work with being so highly optimised to structure the teacher’s school timetables for maximum efficiency.

Jacob, teachers all over the world will benefit from your program. It makes me feel so proud to be a part of this

I wish you every success.


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