Using out school timetable software, our school timetable was auto generated in 42 seconds!”



Can the Timetable Program do . . . . .

Instead of wasting your time with specs that any decent timetable program should accommodate we will give you some of the innovations we have pioneered over the past 15 years.

Cycles, doubles, personal placements, etc. Of Course Yes

Student Individual Choices - Not in this standard version. There is a BIG Brother that is waiting in the wings. It will be released internationally in 8 months time. However, we are currently conducting free trials at the moment. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the trail program for your country.

Clashes - Most clashes are sorted out within 0.47 seconds automatically by the program. It is not uncommon on the completion screen that up to 33,000 swaps were automatically performed in a few seconds to remove the clashes for you. BM School Timetabler does all of this with ease.

Solution Finder - The need to use the Solution Finder tool is like an eclipse - it doesn’t’ happen very often but when it does it is always quite spectacular. In the highly unlikely event that a subject cannot be placed the Solution Finder will present to you all workable solutions. Have you ever had the situation that a subject could not be placed and you wished somebody could tell you what to do with it. Well here it is!

It then becomes like a box of chocolates. You have all these lovely options - all you have to do is just pick your favorite.

Doubles - not only can you specify the importance of each individual subject but double the powerful algorithms will try to maintain it as best as possible.

Class roaming (floating), deluxe system - remember the days when only after working out the TT you had to place all your float teachers into open classes. The SSS shows you all the workable classes that could accommodate all the periods that can accommodate that subject into the allocated classroom.

The subtle difference - checking from the open classes backwards is reverse gear. The SSS methodology uses forward gear. It creates the solution straight out the gates rather than looking for the bolted horse and try find a spare stable to put it in.

Can I do a manual swap - how easy is it to do the swap? For example if you need to move a double PT period to the end of the day click on the period you wish to swap , at the select the F6 : swap button and all the possible swap spaces will appear. No drag and drop and the move is done!

Show-me-Swaps - I want to play but don’t constrain me - 

Click the subject period you want to swap - click the swap solver button - instantaneously all the workable solutions are highlighted on the tt grid. All you then do is drag and drop the subject period to its new location. Remember to lock it if you don’t want it moved again.

Activation of the SSB can be = to 800 solitaire swaps within 0.02 seconds.

This is one of the reasons that many experienced tt builders love SSS. It gives them total freedom and independence in being able to manipulate the tt. They have found that it totally empowers them - man is only as good as his tools.

Benefit bullets

  • stop playing school timetable solitaire
  • take off your school timetable straight jacket
  • a man is only as good as his tools
  • no more can’t - cant do this , cant do that ....
  • this is the first year I have had more time to myself
  • easily arrange for all temp teachers to have all their periods contiguous.
  • with the ease of waving a magic wand that would give your art teacher one preparation per day.
  • accommodate principal to cherry pick a few periods across the week to suit his needs to stay in touch with his learners without impacting his office obligations.

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 know if the program can do?

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Full automated means just that.

No more manual completing your school timetable!

No more school timetable

Clash Smasher technology is the engine.


Find out how is would work for your school timetable. Get your Shedule Analysed Online.

The Clash-Smasher Secret is out the bag and YOU are one of the 1st to Know!

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It all started with a math teacher

That you choose to use your learning and talents to enrich the education field is personally deeply gratifying. 

I remember well being your maths teacher during your final year of high school.

It was a big surprise to see what you had accomplished in the 6 years since you finished high school. As school principal, it made me happy that my ex-student had the best school timetable software from all the packages that we looked at.

Your timetable software is tremendous. Besides being lightening fast it gives my teachers the one thing that is the most scarce – TIME. It is marvellous how using maths over the traditional ways of creating timetables can create the perfect timetable” in just one or two periods. 

Never before have the timetables I had to work with being so highly optimised to structure the teacher’s school timetables for maximum efficiency.

Jacob, teachers all over the world will benefit from your program. It makes me feel so proud to be a part of this

I wish you every success.


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