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About Us

The Organization behind the BM school timetable sofware Solution is ACTion Commercial Technology. The company is based in South Africa and has been in existence since 1993. 

The company focuses exclusively on school timetabling or scheduling software solutions.

Founder : Jacob van Niekerk

The chief mathematical brain and owner of ACTion is Jacob van Niekerk.

He started working on the actual Clash-Smasher Engine as part of a final year B.Sc. computer science project. Jacob studied at the University of Pretoria where he majored in Computer Science and Mathematics.

The school timetabler program is fully mathematically driven and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence.

The program still undergoes constant development and new upgrades are supplied to existing schools at no cost. Much of the development is as a result of input and requests from schools.

As a student at university, Jacob said to his uncle Christo, who is a school principal, that his timetable problems could be solved using a computer program. Uncle Christo replied that it was totally impossible to solve his complex school timetable with any computer.

Uncle Christo is a perfectionist that never settled for second best! He did not like unforeseen circumstances that threw him a curved ball like a teacher who fell pregnant or an HOD that had to follow her husband because of his job transfer.

Jacob used the 3 weeks on his Christmas vacation to create a school scheduling program to prove his uncle wrong. The 3 weeks” turned into 5 years. The result is School Timetable.

That was 10 years ago.

Because Jacob almost failed the database programing section of his B.Sc Degree he turned to his great love and strength - Mathematics.

Thus, School Timetable solves the scheduling problem as a Math equation. This is what sets it apart, and gives it its unique speed and capabilities. A young Einstein would be impressed with the elegance of the mathematical constructs behind the solution engine.

The Clash-Smasher Engine” can solve just about any school’s scheduling problem to 100% automatically in less than 34 seconds.

It is not uncommon that circa 32,000 plus swaps are made by the Clash-Smasher Engine” to produce your school timetable.

Jacob has ONE dream - to make teachers lives better around the world.

His parents were teachers before they retired. At the breakfast and dinner table he always listened to them talking about school and students. This gave him his passion for school teachers and their problems.

His uncle Christo gave him the challenge - the perfect timetable could not be done on a computer. This gave him his life’s mission.

Mr. Bohmer, his math teacher in his final year of school kindled in him a deep love of mathematics. This equipped him with the mindset and tools that he needed to construct the Clash-Smasher Engine.

Look out for a Clash-Smasher Engine coming to a school near you. Drop by and see how Jacob’s passion, mission and mindset have merged in the School Timetable Solution to help give teachers their ideal teaching school timetable with consummate ease.

Coming up with this solution took solid dedicated work between 8 and 17 hours a day. In fact I almost failed my final year of University in the pursuit to meet Uncle Christo’s Challenge.

We are in this for the passion. We love the product and want to give time back to the teachers that are building our tomorrows. We want them to enjoy their today’s as they create our tomorrows.


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Full automated means just that.

No more manual completing your school timetable!

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Clash Smasher technology is the engine.


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It all started with a math teacher

That you choose to use your learning and talents to enrich the education field is personally deeply gratifying. 

I remember well being your maths teacher during your final year of high school.

It was a big surprise to see what you had accomplished in the 6 years since you finished high school. As school principal, it made me happy that my ex-student had the best school timetable software from all the packages that we looked at.

Your timetable software is tremendous. Besides being lightening fast it gives my teachers the one thing that is the most scarce – TIME. It is marvellous how using maths over the traditional ways of creating timetables can create the perfect timetable” in just one or two periods. 

Never before have the timetables I had to work with being so highly optimised to structure the teacher’s school timetables for maximum efficiency.

Jacob, teachers all over the world will benefit from your program. It makes me feel so proud to be a part of this

I wish you every success.


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