Using B/M school timetable software, our school timetable was auto generated in 42 seconds!”

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Some tools to help your decide if this would be the school timetable for you:

- The School Timetable Difficulty Index calculator: Online calculates how clash-smasher technology will perform with your school timetable. (click here)

- Free download with 30 day trail period.

- The MEP (Management Evalution Program)

- Free active platinum support for the trail period.




Put the Clash-Smasher Engine
in Superschool timetabler to work in
 your school right now.

Remember, if BM school timetable software with the free download is not
the perfect solution for you, we will refund
you the full purchase price - gladly.

Our goal is totally happy users. If you
are not totally thrilled with the product
we do not want your money!

Maybe our next product
will be perfect for you.

Why are we more expensive

Besides all the benefits that you have already discovered for yourself it is about the caliber of the programmer behind the program. Nowadays you have a kid doing a 3 week database course and then he tries to write a timetable program, and some do. It is like adapting your video store database program to do your time timetable. Everybody can draw an airplane but few can actually design a complete working airplane in which you would trust your life.

The big difference is that school timetable program is a maths driven program with real intelligence be hind the scenes.

This kind of programming requires a mathematical scientist and not a kid programmer.




The quality and workmanship that goes into the very best Motor Car is what sets it apart.

SIMPLE - You get what you pay for!



Easy School Timetable software


Full automated means just that.

No more manual completing your school timetable!

No more school timetable

Clash Smasher technology is the engine.


Find out how is would work for your school timetable. Get your Shedule Analysed Online.

The Clash-Smasher Secret is out the bag and YOU are one of the 1st to Know!

Read what this man says about the Hero who slayed these 3 notorious school bullies!

It all started with a math teacher

That you choose to use your learning and talents to enrich the education field is personally deeply gratifying. 

I remember well being your maths teacher during your final year of high school.

It was a big surprise to see what you had accomplished in the 6 years since you finished high school. As school principal, it made me happy that my ex-student had the best school timetable software from all the packages that we looked at.

Your timetable software is tremendous. Besides being lightening fast it gives my teachers the one thing that is the most scarce – TIME. It is marvellous how using maths over the traditional ways of creating timetables can create the perfect timetable” in just one or two periods. 

Never before have the timetables I had to work with being so highly optimised to structure the teacher’s school timetables for maximum efficiency.

Jacob, teachers all over the world will benefit from your program. It makes me feel so proud to be a part of this

I wish you every success.


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