Using B/M school timetable software, our school timetable was auto generated in 42 seconds!”

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Never Trust the Chef!

Why should I trust you and your claims?

There is a saying that we believe in very strongly - Never Trust the Chef. If you ask a French chef how good any of his dishes are he will always tell you, They are great.”

All software companies do exactly the same thing. We try to avoid falling into the trap of doing the same thing.

Therefore, for your own particular scheduling / timetabling needs you are the only person that can decide if it is the best solution for you. This reminds me of another popular term often used chefs : ‘The prove is in the pounding!’

All we can do is give you some facts i.e. no training course or workshop is required to use our offering, Anny the friendly voice comes with the program as an extra companion. Builds difficult school timetables in under a minute. In existence since 1989. Also we gave you the free online School Timetable Difficulty Index calculator!

OOPS we are trying to sell you, remember, never trust the chef and try the pounding yourself. We know how we are going to benefit your life , but the exiting part of discovering is left up to you.

 We know that you are investing in a solution, and not a piece of software that has hidden costs attached to it in the form of time, effort, money and a steep learning curve.

So, to help you decide if the School Timetable Solution is right for you we are offering 3 things:

1.   School Timetable Management Evaluation Program

A 15 day School Timetable Management Evaluation Program. This gives you a chance to test out our claims against your needs. You are able to evaluate our solution against your current solution. Find out if it can build your school’s school timetable in less that 54 seconds? Does it take less than 30 minutes from start to finish?

2.   A 30 Day Full Refund Guarantee after purchase

Once you have purchased the School Timetable Solution you can get a full refund - no questions asked - in the first 30 days. We take all the risks. You take none!

3.   FREE - Super Premium Support

FREE - Super Premium support for each academic year. Even during the Evaluation period we provide FREE support. As we do not play e-mail Ping-Pong we will even phone you if we need more information to resolve your query / problem.

We want YOU to taste
the meal and tell us if it
is great or not.

Don’t take our word for it!


Over the years I have bought all kinds of washing detergents. What I have discovered is that I have the wrong kind of dirt. What I want is the dirt that they use in the TV ads and infomercials.

The washing powders and liquids do not work on the dirt in my home like they do on the dirt they use in the TV studios.

It is for this reason that we demand that you take the School Timetable Management Evaluation Program before we will allow you to purchase the School Timetable Solution.



You will not find a purchase button on this website. You have to prove to us - by send in, by e-mail, your completed School Timetable Management Evaluation Program results that you actually will benefit from using our system.

Lets just say we sell TV dirt together with our brand of scheduling powder. Our competition says we are mad but our customers say we are their absolute best” software supplier.


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Easy School Timetable software


Full automated means just that.

No more manual completing your school timetable!

No more school timetable

Clash Smasher technology is the engine.


Find out how is would work for your school timetable. Get your Shedule Analysed Online.

The Clash-Smasher Secret is out the bag and YOU are one of the 1st to Know!

Read what this man says about the Hero who slayed these 3 notorious school bullies!

It all started with a math teacher

That you choose to use your learning and talents to enrich the education field is personally deeply gratifying. 

I remember well being your maths teacher during your final year of high school.

It was a big surprise to see what you had accomplished in the 6 years since you finished high school. As school principal, it made me happy that my ex-student had the best school timetable software from all the packages that we looked at.

Your timetable software is tremendous. Besides being lightening fast it gives my teachers the one thing that is the most scarce – TIME. It is marvellous how using maths over the traditional ways of creating timetables can create the perfect timetable” in just one or two periods. 

Never before have the timetables I had to work with being so highly optimised to structure the teacher’s school timetables for maximum efficiency.

Jacob, teachers all over the world will benefit from your program. It makes me feel so proud to be a part of this

I wish you every success.


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